B.N.T - Bharath Natural Technology

A Patented technology based on ancient Indian traditions of Herbs with a Unique Property of Enhancing Strength, Bio-Degradability and extraordinary quality of Bio-Preservation

B.N.T Explained....

B - Bharath - is the original sanskrit name for India, translated roughly it means 'the land where God moves'. Since the birth-place of this technology is India, with inspiration from ancient Indian scientific treatises, the word Bharath was the natural choice when naming this technology.

N, T - Natural Nitric-Oxide Nano-technology - Nitric-Oxide (NO) is being hailed as a wonder molecule of the 21st century. The discovery of its role in cardio-vascular regulation won 3 american scientists the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998.

From the NO wiki."Despite being a startingly simple molecule, NO is a fundamental player in the fields of neuroscience, physiology, and immunology, and was proclaimed 'Molecule of the Year' in 1992".Read a Tamil article on this amazing NO.

Latest News

Introducing "Greenish Nitrox" a Smoke Depollutor and a Fuel Saver

BNT Stickers for a "Pure & Sure Air"

Download and read the pdf on how Dye waste water can be de-polluted using BNT

Did you Know ?

BNT was tested by DRDO,Delhi and found to reduce Tar ,Nicotine content in tobacco smoke

BNT was also tested and found to reduce Carbon mono-oxide , Hyrdro-carbon content in automobile exhaust fumes

BNT bio-plastics bio-degrade after 45 days to 13% - CIPET result


BNT GL solution for natural, synthetic fibres

BNT based stickers available for automobiles and electronic gadgets

BNT solution for plastics, petrochemical and coal industries

BNT solution for food and other edible products